Television, telecommunication and internet have become of the most pivotal parts of human life over the last decade, and we are becoming more dependent on them as time passes by. There are a number of companies that provide internet, telecommunication and television services and it has become a much harder task to choose the right one for us. If you are currently in search of a service provider, then you should definitely check out TalkTalk.

It is a company that provides its customers with services such as television, mobile network, and mobile internet. They started out as a company that provided fixed line for telephones, but have expanded their expertise over the past decade due to their efficient service and excellent customer care.

So, if you have any plans to transfer your network provider or television pay services, it would be a great idea to get in touch with TalkTalk over their telephone number ‘0843 506 0368‘ and enquire about the procedure and the services they offer their customers.

TalkTalk, a company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, started their business by providing fixed lines for telephones. As of now, they offer services such as broadband, fixed and also mobile networks, television services. They have grown to be a brand of their own and is known to provide some of the best services to their customers.



  • TalkTalk was established in 2003 as the Carphone Warehouse subsidiary with its headquarters in London.
  • The company was demerged from Carphone Warehouse to be an independent company in March 2010.
  • TalkTalk was launched in an effort to provider calls that costs cheaper than their competitors such as the British Telecom.
  • In November 2004, TalkTalk’s broadband service was launched. The new broadband service launched by TalkTalk in April 2016 offers 40GB monthly bandwidth and a speed of 8mbps for life.
  • TalkTalk had over 2.5 million costumers as of 2005, and it rose to 2.7 million by the year 2009.


Features and services

TalkTalk is known to be one of the most reliable service providers when it comes to the network providing business. Here are the services they offer to their customers:

  • Mobile network – TalkTalk mobile, the mobile network service of TalkTalk was launched in the second half of 2010. The network works with Vodafone UK as a mobile virtual network operator. They also offer dongle services for broadband which can be used by their customers to stay connected on the go.
  • Broadband and fixed lines – The company provides package services or separate services of broadband or landlines for private houses. The AOL Broadband Brand provided the service for TalkTalk, which was licensed under Carphone Warehouse. TalkTalk has also been offering their customers with a Homesafesecurity network, which is focused on filtering Internet contents that are made available to the kids in the households.
  • Television – TalkTalk offered television services being part of the YouView venture. As of August 2012, they have started a service of their own known as TalkTalk Plus TV.

TalkTalk is readily available for you to contact on their contact number ‘0843 506 0368‘. So connect with them to get information about the services they offer in detail.